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European Ice Hockey Championship Results: Since 1910 (2013)

English | 2013 | ISBN: 0810887819 | 178 Pages | PDF | 0,6 MB

The first European Championship in ice hockey took place more than 100 years ago. Since that first competition in 1910, a total of 66 championships have been contested, although many were part of the World Championships or the Olympics; the last independent European Championship occurred back in 1932. The history of the women’s European Championship is much shorter. The first women’s European Championship took place in 1989, but after only 5 championships the tournament was discontinued. The last competition took place in 1996.

In European Ice Hockey Championship Results: Since 1910, Tomasz Malolepszy charts this popular sport in Europe with a complete statistical history of both the men’s and women’s competition. For the first time ever, hockey fans can find detailed results, rosters, medalists, and standings for the European Championships all in a single volume. In addition, this book contains a list of interesting records, many of which have never before been published. European Ice Hockey Championship Results is a valuable resource for any hockey fan, journalist, or researcher.

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