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All Around the Town (1999)

1999 | 362 Pages | ISBN: 0823219402 | PDF | 18 MB

Where in Manhattan did George Washington sleep? Where was Teddy Roosevelt born? Where did James Monroe die? Where is the birthplace of the Twist? Where was Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff ‘s multi-million-dollar penthouse? Where is the site of the country’s first traffic fatality? These tidbits are among the more than2,000 fascinating entries in All Around the Town: Amazing Manhattan Facts and Curiosities, the definitive guide to historic New York. All Around the Town brings the city’s history to life, street by street, building by building, in all its diversity. The entries, organized in an easy-to-use format by street address, were culled from a number of sources-histories, biographies, newspapers, guidebooks, and maps. They range from amusing anecdotes to familiar and not-so familiar historical events, from the Dutch New Amsterdam period to the present day. It is a truly unique guidebook for its historical viewpoint and will delight those looking for a glimpse of New York City beyond Madison Avenue and Broadway. The second edition has been revised and updated for a new millennium, reflecting a constantly changing city, and is supplemented with additional anecdotes and more than a hundred new pictures and illustrations. It is even easier to use, with cross-street information, a more portable trim size, and 300 new and updated places of interest.