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How To Build The Female Fitness Model Body (2016)

English | May 15, 2016 | ISBN: 1533284830 | 122 Pages | EPUB | 0.20 MB

Have you ever wanted to get into modelling? Or to simple lean up? This book will get you lean by combining a varied and challenging 6 Week weight program, intense cardio regime, delicious diet plan and the secret ingredient – 16:8 Intermittent Fasting. These three elements combine to create turbo-charged regime geared to burning fat, toning muscle and making you look amazing. If you want to Tone Up, Lose Fat and look like an Fitness Model without fat loss pills and throwing precious time and hard-earned money down the drain at the gym, then read on. The business of Fitness Modelling is a highly lucrative industry – you can easily earn hundreds or thousands of pounds/dollars for an hour or twos work. Not only that you can even do work abroad with expenses fully covered. A fitness model epitomizes muscular athleticism. This book gives you a workout and diet regime, packed full of tips, hacks and methods to getting into fantastic shape. In the modern world of social media you can also attract attention from sponsors. This means you don’t even have to compete as in the old days a bodybuilder would of, now you can gain followers, get sponsors and get paid through Instagram and Facebook. Many of my friends earn a fantastic living through sponsors. This can be an exceptional way of life. 6 Reasons to Make this Book an Essential Part of Fitness Modeling: 1) A Full 6 week regime that is easy to follow to reveal the amazing body you always had. 2) Times of when to eat and when not to eat to utilize Intermittent Fasting to burn fat fast 3) Varied and Challenging Workouts include – Weight Training, Cardio Workouts and Yoga 4) 6 Weeks of Diet plans 5) A Guide To Approaching Modelling Agents – what to do to get started and what to look out for to avoid being ripped off 6) Tips, Tricks and easy Hacks to Turbo Charge your weight loss In a word – Fitness Modelling is all about aesthetics – the visually pleasing physiques – strong legs, ripped arms, toned chest, lean back all tapering to and perhaps the most important – a tight taut flat stomach. The great thing about a fitness body is they are achievable, they aren’t some gigantic freak of nature with ludicrous conditioning. You can achieve these physiques if you put the work in. In this book I’m going to give you a challenging workout, diet and Yoga routine to get this physique – the fitness body. Whether you want to actually get into this business or just create a great body, this workout routine will help massively. If you do want to get into the industry you will need an agent. But to get an agent you need a portfolio and that means a building a fantastic body first. Added Benefits of Reading This Book: -Simplicity I keep things simple – no B.S rubbish about doing LESS training and eating LESS and how there is some SECRET holding you back. How did the bodybuilders in the 60’s and 70’s look so great? Training frequency and nutrition. How and what – that’s the only secret. -Training Frequency. Don’t worry you don’t need to follow months of weird training routines. -Nutrition Nutrition is considered the most important part of building muscle. If the nutrition is incorrect then it doesn’t matter how impeccable your training routines are, you will not progress. I cover you for 6 weeks and because each week is varied focusing on weights, cardio and yoga – you can simply repeat, mix them up and keep going to get that amazing body. Curious? Grab your copy of “How To Build A Female Fitness Model Body, Building A Fitness Model Physique, Fitness Model Workout and Training Regime” to learn the secrets of a results-driven workout to get the model body. Use the tips and tricks in this book such as supersets and TUT to get in amazing shape. This is all about power and guts – it’s time to create that Fitness Model Body that you always wanted. Imagine you in a 3 months time and people complimenting you on how you look? Let’s make a change and get started!