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Understanding Advanced Second-Language Reading

Understanding Advanced Second-Language Reading

By: Elizabeth B. Bernhardt

What distinguishes this book is its broad, yet thorough, view of theory, process, and research on adult second-language reading. Offering extensive discussions of upper-register second-language texts (both expository and narrative) that adult second-language readers encounter daily across the globe, it also presents an assessment schema for second-language text comprehension as well as for the assessment of teaching.

 Understanding Advanced Second-Language Reading:



  • includes languages other than English in the discussion of second language reading
  • is firmly anchored in a theory of second language reading ─ the concept of compensatory processing
  • emphasizes the multi-dimensionality and dynamic nature of L2 reading development
  • focuses on comprehension of upper-register literary texts
  • balances theory and instructional practices.

Filling the need for a coherent, theoretically consistent, and research-based portrait of how literate adolescents and adults comprehend, and learn to comprehend, at greater levels of sophistication and whether that ability can be enhanced by instruction, this is a must-have resource for reading and second-language researchers, students, and teachers.