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Checkmate Made Easy: Essential Mating Patterns (2018)

English | 2018 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07G4W4SPX | 85 Pages | EPUB | 13 MB

There is only one real way to win a game of chess. That is to the checkmate the king. Players often resign, but only because they think they will be checkmated eventually anyway.

A mate may come as a single move, like a bolt from the blue. These are mates in one. More often there is a mating attack consisting of a sequence of alternating checks and check evasions.
The final check is mate.
A check is the most powerful move in Chess. The most powerful way to attack is to connect a series of checks.
The author draws from many positions that the author has used in years of chess coaching as a FIDE Master.
There are over 1000 diagrams which include mates in one, mates in two, mates in three and mates in four or more moves by each player.

Pattern recognition
There are many mating pattern which happen again and again in games. Strong players are familiar with many mating patterns and themes, through both play and study. This familiarity allows players to spot mates much quicker than they would otherwise. There is a strong correlation between playing strength and how quickly a player can find forced mates.
This book includes many positions that have been collected for coaching purposes over many years. The book is designed to help the reader quickly become familiar with many mating patterns. It may also help refresh familiarity with mates that have been previously seen, but partly forgotten.

The positions have been invented. However they are are very similar to positions from actual play and are quite unlike composed positions. In many cases they have been simplified and have few units on the board which are not involved in the mating attack.

In all positions White moves first and White is playing up the board.
Moves are numbered from the current position, not from the start of the game.
Look Inside the Book allows you to read 10% of the book. However, it disables line-breaks. When you download the full eBook, the line breaks will be normal and you will not see the answers until
you reach the next page.
The book uses standard chess notation, which is short Algebraic notation. It is desirable to know this.
There are different ways you can read this book.
You can treat the positions as puzzles. You can choose the move you would play and move to the next diagram to check whether you are correct or not.You can simply enjoy playing through through the positions, becoming familiar with a wide range of mating patterns as you do so. You can quickly flip forwards (or backwards) through the
sequence of moves in each position.You can combine both approaches. For example, during a first reading you could play through the positions. On a second reading you could see how many you can solve from the starting position.

You do not need a chess set and board to read this book.