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T.A.E. Total Attack Elimination Pressure Points Self Defense (2014)

2014 | 83 Pages | ISBN: 1495351378 | EPUB | 1 MB

T.A.E. is package that contains photos and graphs, are definite answer to many ‘unanswered’ questions related to real life self defense. “What is the attacker is stronger and faster?” , “…what if he is trained?” and similar sort of questions all become non relevant when T.A.V. methods are applied – no one can take this type and intensity of pain! One can train muscles, endurance, cardio etc. but no person can train ‘pressure point resistance’! Simple as that. SIMPLE & POWERFUL This are simple yet incredibly powerful methods based on ancient Chinese art that deals in detail with pressure point manipulation and striking. This book deals with basics – it teaches you how to quickly detect these points on the body of attacker and how to successfully apply pressure (pinching or rubbing/pushing) motion for instant elimination of the attackers intentions to heart or injure you. It’s very much like using the stun gun – it creates very strong painful sensation in the body of aggressor and offers an element of shock and surprise – both essential for quick and powerful self-defense. EFFECTIVE EVEN FOR MMA & COMBAT SPORTS Are these methods meant to be used in combat sports? For sure NOT, but many expert fighters very successfully “slip in” use some of them between the rules, especially in MMA. Despite that, these are self-defense methods that are meant for real fight situations not for any kind of friendly sparring or organized sport. These methods are extremely painful, effective and dangerous therefore all students are requested to be very careful while practicing them.