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Dynamic Strength (2018)

2018 | 142 Pages | ISBN: 093448919X | PDF | 7 MB

Every martial artist is continually striving to improve speed and power. however, conventional methods, such as weight training and calisthenics, have as many drawbacks as they do benefits. for over 20 years, kung fu san soo master Harry wong has been teaching his unique system of dynamic strength training, which has all the benefits and none of the negatives of training with dynamic strength could best be described as “flowingisometrics,” where the practitioner’s own body provides the resistance. unlike isometrics, the resistance exercises of dynamic strength are performed in motion, which enhances flexibility and increase the blood flow. best of all, absolutely no equipment is needed! harry teaches you how to continually improve your strength and physique. his students have shown phenomenal results in an amazingly short time without ever touching a weight!