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ClojureScript Unraveled (2016)

English | PDF | 2016 | 214 Pages | ISBN : N/A | 0.85 MB

This book covers the ClojureScript programming language, serves as a detailed guide of its tooling for development, and presents a series of articles about topics that are applicable to day-to-day programming in ClojureScript.
It is not an introductory book to programming in that it assumes the reader has experience programming in at least one language. However, it doesn’t assume experience with ClojureScript or functional programming. We’ll try to include links to reference material when talking about the theoretical underpinnings of ClojureScript that may not be familiar to everyone.

Since the ClojureScript documentation is good but sparse, we wanted to write a compendium of reference information and extensive examples to serve as a ClojureScript primer as well as a series of practical how-to’s. This document will evolve with the ClojureScript language, both as a reference of the language features and as a sort of cookbook with practical programming recipes.
You’ll get the most ouf this book if you:

are curious about ClojureScript or functional programming and have some programming experience;

write JavaScript or any other language that compiles to it and want to know what ClojureScript has to offer;

already know some Clojure and want to learn how ClojureScript differs from it, plus practical topics like how to target both languages with the same code base.

Don’t be turned off if you don’t see yourself in any of the above groups. We encourage you to give this book a try and to give us feedback on how we can make it more accessible. Our goal is to make ClojureScript more friendly to newcomers and spread the ideas about programming that Clojure has helped popularize, as we see a lot of value in them.