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Web-Based Projects that Rock the Class: Build Fully-Functional Web Apps and Learn Through Doing (2019)

English | ISBN: 1484244621 | 2019 | 506 Pages | EPUB, PDF | 18 MB

Explore the modern concepts of client-server web applications. This book includes examples that are simple to comprehend building apps that are not much different from real-world applications. Each chapter develops a different subject, explaining the concept from A to Z, and provides a project with complete source code and configuration steps.
Chapters also include thorough coverage of the subject described and the full source code is provided with a consistently updated repo on GitHub, accounting for the frequent changes made to language versions. The chapter apps use HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Lighttpd, SSL/TLS, DDNS, Shell Programming, Sockets programming, tools such as Wireshark, and remote online tools for testing.
As you master each topic sequentially you`ll fully understand the inner workings of the client-server apps and become confident in creating your own web-based apps. Whether you want to work on the web for fun, for school, or for work, Web-Based Projects that Rock the Class is a great place to start.
What You`ll Learn
Use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, AJAX and MySQL for web projects
Set up and handle two different web servers Apache and Lighttpd
Obtain DNS and DDNS domain names
Apply the SSL/TLS protocols for HTTPS connections
Test remotely with online tools your web app – then create similar tools
Who This Book Is For
College and university students, and individuals interested in web programming. Ideally you will have basic experience in requesting a web page from the browser and understanding online services like e-shops, basic-level experience with Linux, knowledge of basic-level programming language principles, and basic knowledge of what a database is.