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Fast Track Grammar Review for EFL Teachers

Fast Track Grammar Review for EFL Teachers

Every teaching job becomes easier when you’ve got the best grammar resource available!

One of the greatest fears of new EFL teachers is getting the surprise grammar questions that students ask the new teacher.

Whether it is to impress the teacher with their knowledge or a genuine inquiry, the result is usually the same. The teacher’s lack of grammar knowledge comes to the forefront and the teacher sometimes even loses the confidence of his or her students.

This is not the best way to start a new class.

But there is really no need to enter a classroom ill-prepared. The Fast Track Grammar Review for EFL Teachers was written by an experienced TEFL teacher-trainer specifically for his trainee teachers who were struggling with more formal textbooks and grammar books that made grammar difficult to grasp and even harder to explain to your students.

But now there is no need to fear the classroom or even formally trained teachers when you have this eBook in your “back pocket”.

Written in a light-hearted manner, the Grammar Review is jam-packed with details, examples and even some short quizzes.