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The Lay of Havelok the Dane (Classic Reprint) (2010)

2010 | 218 Pages | ISBN: 1451017979 | PDF | 18 MB

PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION SINCE the previous edition of this book appea.red the criticism of Ha’Oelok has been greatly advanced by the work of Heyman and DeutschbeiD on the story, by HolthauseD’s second edition, aDd Professor Skeat’s discovery of the Cambridge Fragments. In the few weeks available for the task of revision I have used this new material (reely, and have made considerable alterations the more willingly because Professor Skeat himself was always most ready to utilize the latest results. The Introduction has therefore been remodelled. The Text and (oot-notes are (rom stereotyped plates, and such slight changes as have been made have the single aim oC restoring defensible readings in the manuscript. The Notes are for the most part new; and the Glossary, which was admirably full and accurate in its references, has been revised throughout. This work, necessarily hasty, would not have been possible without generous help. The Misses Skeat have kindly plTable of Contents