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Selected Short Stories (Penguin Modern Classics) by Virginia Woolf (2000)

English | July 4, 2000 | ISBN: 0141183136 | EPUB | 160 Pages | 1.9 MB

‘Why, if one wants to compare life to anythig, one must liken it to being blown through the Tube at fifty miles an hour – landing at the other end without a single hairpin in one’s hair! Shot out at the feet of God entirely naked! … Yes, that seems to express the rapidity of life, the perpetual waste and repair; all so casual, all so haphazard’

Virginia Woolf tested the boundaries of fiction in these short stories, developing a new language of sensation, feeling and thought, and recreating in words the ‘swarm and confusion of life’. Defying categorization, the stories range from the more traditional narrative style of ‘Solid Objects’ through the fragile impressionism of ‘Kew Gardens’ to the abstract exploration of consciousness in ‘The Mark on the Wall’.