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The Cambridge Handbook of Phonetics

The Cambridge Handbook of Phonetics

Edited by: Rachael-Anne Knight, Jane Setter

Phonetics – the study and classification of speech sounds – is a major sub-discipline of linguistics. Bringing together a team of internationally renowned phoneticians, this handbook provides comprehensive coverage of the most recent, cutting-edge work in the field, and focuses on the most widely-debated contemporary issues. Chapters are divided into five thematic areas: segmental production, prosodic production, measuring speech, audition and perception, and applications of phonetics. Each chapter presents an historical overview of the area, along with critical issues, current research and advice on the best practice for teaching phonetics to undergraduates. It brings together global perspectives, and includes examples from a wide range of languages, allowing readers to extend their knowledge beyond English. By providing both state-of-the-art research information, and an appreciation of how it can be shared with students, this handbook is essential both for academic phoneticians, and anyone with an interest in this exciting, rapidly developing field.

Provides comprehensive coverage of the state-of-the-art in phonetics, a broad and increasingly multidisciplinary field
Includes illustrative examples from the phonetics of a wide range of languages
Each chapter includes a section devoted to teaching