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Proteins: Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2014)

English | 2014 | ISBN: 0470669861 | PDF | 447 Pages | 14.7 mb

Proteins Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2e is a definitive source of information for all those interested in protein science, and particularly the commercial production and isolation of specific proteins, and their subsequent utilization for applied purposes in industry and medicine.

Fully updated throughout with? new or fundamentally revised sections? on proteomics as, bioinformatics, protein glycosylation and? engineering,? well as sections detailing advances in upstream processing and? newer protein? applications such as enzyme-based biofuel production? this new edition has an increased focus on biochemistry to ensure the balance between biochemisty and biotechnology, enhanced with numerous case studies.

This second edition is an invaluable text for undergraduates of biochemistry and biotechnology but will also be relevant to students of microbiology, molecular biology, bioinformatics and any branch of the biomedical sciences who require a broad overview of the various medical, diagnostic and industrial uses of proteins.

Provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of protein biochemisty and protein biotechnology
Includes numerous case studies
Increased focus on protein biochemistry to ensure balance between biochemisty and biotechnology
Includes new section focusing on proteomics as well as sections detailing protein function and enzyme-based biofuel production

“With the potential of a standard reference source on the topic, any molecular biotechnologist will profit greatly from having this excellent book. ” (Engineering in Life Sciences, 2004; Vol 5; No. 5)

“Few texts would be considered competitors, and none compare favorably.” (Biochemistry and Molecular Education, July/August 2002)

“…The book is well written, making it informative and easy to read…” (The Biochemist, June 2002)