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Atlas of Craniopharyngioma: Pathology, Classification and Surgery (2020)

English | ISBN: 9811373213 | 2020 | 167 Pages | PDF | 34 MB

This book aims to facilitate readers to understand the origin, growth pattern and relationship between tumor and adherent structure of craniopharyngioma, so as to improve the cure rate and safety of surgery. It’s contributed by Neurosurgery Department of Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, China, which focuses on the management of craniopharyngioma.
This book covers histoembryology of craniopharyngioma, together with anatomical morphology and abundant clinical data, systematically showing an innovative classification method, i.e. QST classification. This classification method can better reflect the different origin and growth pattern of craniopharyngioma,the relationship between tumors and surrounding structure of the tumor growth pattern, and clinical significance in surgery. The 70 clinical cases with different classification and treatment history are discussed as an important reference for surgical treatment of craniopharyngioma. The anatomy, morphology and pathology of sellar region also have great reference value for researchers in the field of neural science. The underlying intention of this book is to help bring a change in the concept that “craniopharyngioma is an incurable benign tumor only due to its anatomical location”.