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Between Self and Societies (2017)

English | ISBN: 9985588282 | 2017 | 420 Pages | PDF | 13 MB

Between Self and Societies: Creating Psychology in a New Key contains a collection of unpublished texts by Dr. Jaan Valsiner, an innovative researcher in the field of cultural psychology. The papers included in this book enable the reader to trace the unfolding of Valsiner��s central ideas and are organized into six thematic chapters, according to the main focus of the texts (I Trajectories of psychology in societal context; II How to study qualitative developmental phenomena?; III Focus of cultural psychology: culture as a process within and between persons; IV Semiotic processes: how meanings are made?; V Cultural-semiotic regulation in societal and interpersonal processes; VI Cultural-semiotic self-regulation). The articles are accompanied by retrospective comments and two interviews that uncover Valsiner’s unique personal perspective.