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More Joy of Mathematics

English | ISBN: 093317473X | | 294 Pages | PDF | 13 MB

Now Pappas has done it again, or rather, has done more!
The pages of MORE JOY OF MATHEMATICS spill over with ideas, puzzles, games from all over the world, historic background, exciting graphics and up-to-the-minute math breakthrough. Readers will find plent to enjoy as they discover Pappas’ unique easy reading style.

This sequel to the popular title, THE JOY OF MATHEMATICS, let’s you appreciate how mathematics is connected to the everyday world- and how a glimpse of essential concepts can enrich one’s life in so many ways. Pappas’ fresh and lively approach to mathematics – appealing even to those who are intimidated by the world of numbers-unlocks pleasures, mysteries, and applications of over two-hundred of mathematical concepts.