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Understanding Gandhi (2011)

English | 2011 | 572 Pages | ISBN: 8132105575 | PDF | 1.5 MB

Understanding Gandhi is a collection of interviews conducted by Fr d J. Blum (1914-1990),of six of Mahatma Gandhi’s closest associates-J.B. Kriplani, Raihana Tyabji, Dada Dharmadhikari, Sushila Nayar, Jhaver Patel and Sucheta Kripalani. The interviewees reflect on Gandhi’s ideas in the light of changes that took place in India after Independence. The book provides glimpses of Gandhi’s ideas and working relationship with his colleagues who came from a wide range of backgrounds, professions and geographical regions. It also brings out the thoughts of Gandhi and his followers on several important issues such as Satyagraha, non-violence, Brahmacharya, spirituality, and fasting. This blend of an intimate knowledge of Gandhi and the reflective hindsight gives the book a unique vantage point that promotes a holistic understanding of Gandhian thought and philosophy.