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Tawhidi Epistemology and Its Applications (2014)

English | 2014 | 468 Pages | ISBN: 1443855464 | PDF | 2.6 MB

This book is concerned with the analytical deliberation of the central episteme of Islamic socio-scientific thought, tawhid, which is understood as the oneness of God and the unity of divine law at work in the uniformity of both the generality and the details of the world-system. Tawhid, in this sense, is the unique and universal message of the Qur’an to the entire world. This revolutionary worldview of Islamic socio-scientific thought with its vista of advanced analytical intellection is derived from the Qur’an, the sunnah, the works of the great Islamic learned intellectuals, and contemporary comparative thought in the socio-scientific domain. This book is the culmination of this discussion and the author’s on-going academic pursuit in this direction. It focuses on various strata of socio-scientific intellection, encompassing economics, finance, science, and society. Those who are interested in inquiring about the nature of our unified, interactive, integrative, and evolutionary learning world-system in its multiverse generality and particulars, such as formalism and application in economics, finance, science, and society, will find the thesis of this book an original and path-breaking contribution to the study of this topic.