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Thrasher’s Fly Fishing Guide: An Essential Handbook for All Skill Levels (2020)

English | June 9th, 2020 | ISBN: 1634042441 | 256 Pages | EPUB | 30.29 MB

Your Informative (and Entertaining!) Guide to Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a wonderful and thrilling way to catch fish-and it isn’t as complicated as you might think. More and more people are using this intriguing method to catch trout, bluegill, sailfish, and more. You can count yourself among them. It just takes the right equipment, a little bit of know-how, and some practice. If you’ve never tried because you heard it’s “too hard,” then you are missing out! Ignore the doubters and the naysayers. In Thrasher’s Fly Fishing Guide, expert angler Susan Thrasher provides all the information you need to get you on the water and fly fishing with success.

Thrasher begins with the basics, introducing terminology and recommending equipment to get you going. She delves into various techniques and further touches upon everything from taking a guided trip to winter fishing. Along the way, she includes personal stories and anecdotes sure to entertain and encourage. As you continue further into this essential guide, you’ll gain more advanced knowledge, such as how to select the best fly line and fly rod for different fishing situations, how to identify the fish that you catch, and even proper etiquette while fishing.

Whether you’ve never hooked a fish or have spent your whole life filling a basket with fresh catch, Thrasher’s Fly Fishing Guide is your all-in-one resource on fly fishing. You’ll enjoy Thrasher’s engaging writing style, and you’ll appreciate her step-by-step approach that can take you from “never tried” to “let’s go again tomorrow!”