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Encyclopedia of Dermatology (6 Volume Set) (2016)

Meghan Pratt | 2016 | ISBN: 1634833260 | 2019 Pages | True PDF | 35 MB

This encyclopedia presents important research on dermatological advances. This six set volume includes discussions on the structure and composition of the dermis layer of the skin; the biosynthesis, functions and health benefits of melanin; the genetics, as well as the geographic variation and disorders, of skin pigmentation; the causes, diagnosis and treatment of alopecia, rosacea, candidiasis, cyanosis, psoriasis, and bullous pemphigoid; new research on skin aging; risk factors, protection practices and health effects of sun exposure; skin cancer prevention; the use of sunscreen; skin cancer prevention guidance for schools and youth; and the epidemiology, management and impact on muscle and joint functions of burns.