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Abiotic Stress Tolerance Mechanisms in Plants (2021)

English | ISBN: 0367757451 | 2021 | 370 Pages | PDF | 5 MB

Since recent years, the population across the globe is increasing expeditiously; hence increasing the agricultural productivity to meet the food demands of the thriving population becomes a challenging task. Abiotic stresses pose as a major threat to agricultural productivity. Having an adequate knowledge and apprehension of the physiology and molecular biology of stress tolerance in plants is a prerequisite for counteracting the adverse effect of such stresses to a wider range. This book deals with the responses and tolerance mechanisms of plants towards various abiotic stresses. The advent of molecular biology and biotechnology has shifted the interest of researchers towards unraveling the genes involved in stress tolerance. More effort is being made to understand and pave ways for developing stress tolerance mechanisms in crop plants. Several technologies including Microarray technology, functional genomics, on gel and off gel proteomic approaches have proved to be of utmost importance by helping the physiologists, molecular biologists and biotechnologists in identifying and exploiting various stress tolerance genes and factors for enhancing stress tolerance in plants. This book would serve as an exemplary source of scientific information pertaining to abiotic stress responses and tolerance mechanisms towards various abiotic stresses.
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