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Speed Reading: How To Speed Read

Speed Reading: How To Speed Read

by David Clark

How To Speed Read – 17 Powerful Speed Reading Techniques to Increase Your Reading Speed by 300% in Just 20 Minutes To Learn Faster, Remember More, And Be More Productive!

Students, business persons or anyone who needs to read a lot of material quickly will enjoy Speed Reading. In just 20 minutes – about the time it would take an average reader to skim through the book – you can gain the tools needed to dramatically increase your reading speed.

Not only that, you can learn basic principles for increasing your ability to comprehend and retain the material that you read.

Common wisdom has it that speed reading misses the point of reading, and that it takes the fun out of reading. Speed reading explains how reading more quickly and more efficiently can actually make reading for pleasure even more fun than before.

Readers will learn about techniques such as skimming, reading in chunks and letting the words make pictures in your head. It explains how for good readers, reading is like a movie unreeling inside their minds.

Included in this book is also a fast look at the various techniques and devices that have been and can currently be used to enhance the process of becoming a speed reader – including a list of computer, tablet and phone applications that can be used to assist in the learning process.

But have no fear: you can learn to speed read without purchasing a single appliance. All you need is this book, and practice reading material.