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Critical Thinking: The Claim Shredder Method

Critical Thinking: The Claim Shredder Method

Critical thinking is the method of thinking properly and is the skill necessary to engage with everything. In the professional, academic, personal, or any other space, critical thinking is the skill we use to work our way through information. It is what allows us to understand what’s going on, how we got here, where we are going, where we want to go, and figure out how to get there. Whether examining philosophy, astrophysics, hobbits, our relationships, business decisions, or angsty teenage vampires, we use reason to understand and to make things work better. As a result, knowing the proper use of reason is a skillset that underlies all other activities.

The purpose of this book is to offer you a clear process of understanding what critical thinking is and how it works, what questions to ask and why, and how to deal with all that information in the most effective way. By using a strong multicultural, practical, and interdisciplinary approach, the book also offers an inclusive way for anyone to approach the topic of critical thinking.

Every step of this process builds up on the previous ones, creating a unified, integrated perspective that works across professions, academic disciplines, and in your personal lives. The process culminates in the Claim Shredder Method – a proven critical thinking methodology, designed by the author, that provides you with a clear, straightforward, step-by-step process for analyzing any claim.

The Claim Shredder Method has received rave reviews and was adopted as a standard methodology by numerous cybersecurity teams of major US and global companies.