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JAS Math Dictionary: To understand mathematics!

JAS Math Dictionary: To understand mathematics!

English | February 1, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08TZHHDG4 | 170 Pages | PDF | 12 MB

The learning of mathematics develops in all school grades in a closely related way in such a way that what is learned in a previous grade is the basis and the key to understanding and understanding what they will see in the next. That is, the mathematical knowledge of all grades is connected to each other.If a student forgets concepts they learned in one grade, they will inevitably have trouble understanding math in the next grade.Now:If we take into account that in each grade level a student sees approximately 130 new mathematical concepts, we can understand why many of these concepts are forgotten or not sufficiently established in all students.
EDITORIAL DIRECT LIBROS | M��XICO. Learning, understanding, and being able to review mathematical concepts at any time is the key part that will allow your children or students to interact flawlessly in their environment and move from one grade to another in their studies without failure or difficulties with mathematics.In this Dictionary, both the Student, the Teacher and the Family Parent, will find that for their easy and pleasant consultation it has been organized as follows:1.- In alphabetical form from A to Z 2.- It contains 945 mathematical concepts. Each concept with: – Etymology – Basic concept. – Expanded concept – Example – Referral to concordant or associated term – Graphic or figure 3.4.- Full color ” En este libro usted encontrar�� las herramientas mas elementales para la comprensi��n de la Matem��tica
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