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CAMPAIGN – English for Law Enforcement

CAMPAIGN - English for Law Enforcement

By: Charles Boyle & Ileana Chersan

English for Law Enforcement is a language course designed to meet the communication needs of 21st century law enforcers, including customs officers, military police, security personnel and police officers. Starting at CEF level A2, it equips students with the language they need to operate effectively in English in a range of standard law enforcement contexts.

English for Law Enforcement offers you:

  • an accurate and up-to-date examination of current issues facing law enforcers and the language needed to deal with those issues
  • lively and stimulating language practice of the core vocabulary and functional language for the main branches of law enforcement activity
  • an integrated self-study CD-ROM including interactive language practice and consolidation of key language points

Key Features:

  • Ideal for independent or classroom study
  • Accompanying CD-ROM supports the Student’s Book
  • Self-study resources available from the website
  • Covers a full range of law enforcement situations including vehicle identification, stop and search, and crowd control