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News Talk: Investigating the Language of Journalism

News Talk: Investigating the Language of Journalism

By: Colleen Cotter

Written by a former news reporter and editor, News Talk gives us an insider’s view of the media, showing how journalists select and construct their news stories. Colleen Cotter goes behind the scenes, revealing how language is chosen and shaped by news staff into the stories we read and hear. Tracing news stories from start to finish, she shows how the actions of journalists and editors – and the limitations of news writing formulas – may distort a story that was prepared with the most determined effort to be fair and accurate. Using insights from both linguistics and journalism, News Talk is a remarkable picture of a hidden world and its working practices on both sides of the Atlantic. It will interest those involved in language study, media and communication studies and those who want to understand how media shape our language and our view of the world.

Includes the main points at the beginning of each chapter, providing the reader with the ability to quickly obtain the crucial elements of the argument
Focuses on news media, including processes, production and practice, allowing for a greater depth of understanding of the background of what we read, see and hear as news
Organised along the story ‘life cycle’ from conceptualisation to realisation, providing the reader with a clear picture of story development and process