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Collocations & Phrases In Conversation

Collocations & Phrases In Conversation

English | 2021 | ISBN:N/A | ASIN: B094JWGFC9 | 340 Pages | EPUB | 20 MB

What is a collocation? This collocation dictionary improves your English fluency, especially your speaking skills, and increases your vocabulary words.

An appreciation of collocation and idioms will help you to:
– use the words you know more accurately
In other words, you’ll make (NOT do) fewer mistakes.
– sound more natural when you speak and write
By saying, for example, go blank, rather than forget everything, you
won’t just be understood, you will – quite rightly – sound like a fluent user of English.
– vary your speech and, probably more importantly, your writing
Instead of repeating everyday words like very, good or nice, you will be able to exploit a wider range of language.