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The Ultimate ESL Vocabulary Manual

The Ultimate ESL Vocabulary Manual

The Ultimate ESL Vocabulary Manual is a comprehensive and ambitious vocabulary resource for TEFL teachers.

Written over three years, the book provides material for hundreds of fantastic vocabulary classes, categorised by language function, teaching English as it is spoken by natives today.
Break out of standard textbook English with fun and impactful words and phrases to express emotions, modern-day issues, convey complicated ideas, crack ‘business speak’ and socialise.
The Ultimate ESL Vocabulary Manual is brought to you by the author of The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual and The Ultimate Teaching ESL Online Manual, which teach English through speaking activities (rather than traditional textbooks), mimicking how we learnt our native language as children.
The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual series is a complete English teaching system designed so that any native speaker (with TEFL experience or not) can pick up the book and start teaching.
With this book you will have the power to:
– Help student truly understand, remember and use phrasal verbs with a new and proven technique to teach the deeper meaning of the particle;
– Become an accomplished business English teacher with a comprehensive collection of verbs, compound nouns and expressions for all work functions including deadlines, launching a product, motivating, problem solving, negotiating and more;
– Impress higher-level students by diving deep into native speaker expressions and ways of speaking, divided by language function;
– Help your students feel more like themselves when speaking their second language with phrases for socialising, expressing opinions, describing their life experience and more.




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