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How to Make People Like You

How to Make People Like You

Do your relationships feel stale and lack real, meaningful connections? Do you wish you were more confident, charismatic, and likable?

How to Make People Like You: 19 Science-Based Methods to Increase Your Charisma, Spark Attraction, Win Friends, and Connect Effortlessly is a book with detailed insights on everything you need to know when it comes to going from a shy, anxious, and awkward individual and transforming yourself into someone who can unapologetically be your real, genuine, and authentic self.

Throughout these chapters, you’ll deep dive into more than a decade’s worth of psychological and social research, as well as personal insights, stories, and experiences that can help you discover the vibrant version of you that the world is missing.

How to make people like you is just the beginning. Connecting with anyone in any situation and maintaining those connections while staying cool, calm, and collected under pressure is a skill that others will envy you for beyond belief.

Within the chapters of this book, you’ll discover:
How to make the first move to talk to someone
Mastering the art of listening properly (most people do this wrong!)
Secrets to making your conversations flow smoother
How to inject vulnerability at the right time
Steps to discover your true self
Tips to instantly boost your physical appearance
Keys to choosing the right people to be friends with
The number one secret to creating the strongest relationships
The light and the dark magic of the spoken word
And so much more.