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Basic English – The Easy Way

Basic English - The Easy Way


If you’re about to take off for a far coer of the globe where for the rest of your life you will hear and speak only Swahili, you won’t need this book.
But if every day of your life you’re going to need your English in order to understand what you hear and read, and to make yourself understood, this book is for you. Language is your chief means of communication with the people around you, the most expressive way of getting your ideas, thoughts and wishes across. Many English-speaking people think they handle the language well. They leaed it in school. And many are still making the same grammatical errors, spelling the same words incorrectly, overworking the same cliches they were too lazy to correct way back.

Skill with words, adeptness of sentence construction, and the extent and color of your vocabulary only come with additional study and practice. Hence this book. On your own you can add to the fluency and correctness of the English you speak and write. On your own you can solve punctuation puzzlers; you can take the awkwardness out of your sentence structure; you can spell and pronounce words correctly; you can develop your appreciation of what you read.

Foreigners often claim that English is very difficult to lea. Many Americans sound as though they found it too tough to tackle.
Let it not be said of you!

A simplified self-tutoring guide to Basic English contents include:
? How to enrich your vocabulary.
? How to spell and pronounce words correctly.
? Fundamentals of Grammar, and correct sentence structure.
? How to write better compositions, personal and business letters.
? The appreciation of prose and poetry; the use of your library.
? How to read faster and better.
? How to evaluate newspapers, movies, television.
? How to organize a group,conduct meetings, make speeches.
? Index, self-tests with answers.
Sharpen your skill with words! Are you tongue-tied when faced with making a speech? Would you like to get higher marks on your English compositions or impress your boss with your clear, concise business letters? This book will help eliminate the bad spelling, incorrect usage of words/and sloppy sentences that are keeping you from climbing the ladder of success! Expressly prepared for study on your own, this simplified guide to Basic English has all the essential rules you need, highlighted for quick reviewing. Comic drawings help make leaing the rules easy and fun. Thorough testing material with a complete Answer Key at the back of the book keeps track of your day-to-day progress. This book will start you on the right road to better spoken and written English!