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Advanced Writing with English in Use

Advanced Writing with English in Use

Through a unique, integrated approach, Advanced with English in Use provides a thorough training for CAE Papers 2 & 3. Focusing on the application of accurate grammar for effective writing, it develops the skills needed by students to tackle the range of tasks required for the exam. This new edition incorporates all the relevant changes made to the exam (1999 revision). As well as addressing the key areas of register, cohesion and punctuation, the book also emphasizes the importance of context and purpose when writing for Paper 2. Key features • Comprehensive study of writing techniques, from essential sub-skills to full-scale exam tasks. • Innovative combining of English in Use and Writing work: grammar is studied as a route to better writing:; writing is used to contextualize grammar. • Advice, training and practice, providing full exam preparation. * Realistic and stimulating activities. * Relevant and accessible reference material. • Complete key to Paper 3 questions, and model answers to Paper 2 Part 1 tasks. This lively, varied and comprehensive book gives enjoyable and practical training for exam and general writing purposes. Used alongside Advanced Listening and Speaking, the two offer in-depth skills work to supplement Advanced Masterclass.



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