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Jolly Phonics Activity Books 1-7

Jolly Phonics Activity Books 1-7

Jolly Phonics Activity Book 1-7 is the complete set of 7 fun-filled activity books for children, each covering one group of letter sounds. Jolly Phonics teaches children to read and write using synthetic phonics in a fun and engaging way.

Each of these 36 page activity books for children aged 3+, including 2 pages of stickers provide a range of fun activities for children to complete, including colouring, handwriting practice, puzzles, mazes, games, craft activities, word & picture matching and flash cards. There is a story for each of the letter sounds as well as the letter sound action, introducing synthetic phonics in a fun and multi-sensory way, giving children solid support at home.

Activity Book 1 – s, a, t, i, p, n
Activity Book 2 – c k, e, h, r, m, d
Activity Book 3 – g, o, u, l, f, b
Activity Book 4 – ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or
Activity Book 5 – z, w, ng, v, oo, oo
Activity Book 6 – y, x, ch, sh, th, th
Activity Book 7 – qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar









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