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 download 101 Tips for English Language Learners

download 101 Tips for English Language Learners: (with exercises)

Title :  download 101 Tips for English Language Learners: (with exercises)
Author : Michael McCarthy
Publisher : Prolinguam Publishing
Year : 2019
Pages : 95
Language : English
Format : pdf, azw3, epub
Size : 10.1 MB

This book contains 101 tips for learners of English (at high B1, and B2 and above CEFR levels) who are interested in what is considered correct in standard British English. Much of it also applies to the standard English of other parts of the world where English is a first or dominant language. The tips come from the author’s notebooks and observations recorded during more than 50 years of involvement in the teaching of English. Many of the tips are about common problems that learners encounter and things which most native speakers and expert users would consider to be errors of grammar, vocabulary or spelling. Other tips are just general advice on using English in different situations. There special tips for students of academic English, and there are exercises at the end of the book.

And why 101 tips? Well, if you write 100 tips, there’s always another one …

A guide:
* Shows you the most common grammar errors and how to avoid them.
* Explains the difference between words that are often confused.
* Gives special guidance for students of academic English.
* Includes tips on spelling and punctuation.
* Gives clear examples of correct usage.
* Easy to use AZ format.

The author: Professor Michael McCarthy
Internationally renowned applied linguist, author, co-author and editor of more than 50 books and over 100 articles on the English language and the teaching of English, Mike McCarthy brings together his field notes collected over 50 years of listening to English language learners and reading their written work.