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download 200 English Grammar Mistakes, 2020 Edition


download 200 English Grammar Mistakes, 2020 Edition

Title : 200 English Grammar Mistakes !: A Workbook of Common Grammar and Punctuation Errors with Examples, Exercises and Solutions So You Never Make Them Again
Author : Melony Jacobs
Publisher : Amazon.com Services LLC
Year : 2020
Pages : 146
Language : English
Format : pdf
Size : 1.62 MB

Do you constantly struggle with making simple, yet confusing grammatical errors in your writing? If so, then keep reading… If you’re like most of us, accidentally making grammatical errors – big and small – in our writing is inevitable. Whether it be in an academic piece of writing, or a simple little text message to your friend, making grammatical errors can be embarrassing and make your writing feel rushed and done with little to no care at all. With countless guides on how to properly write and speak, finding books that focus predominantly on common English grammar errors are few and far between.

The English language has its grammar outline. This outline is all about medium and convention that determines and guides how to speak and write. In grammar, this outline includes word spelling, word inflection, and word arrangement in sentence making. More importantly, the English language is not static; rather, it is dynamic. The language has gone through much evolution from the days of retaining German forms of the plural of some words until now. Therefore, communication requires adequate and proper understanding of grammar.



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