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100 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics In 2016 & 2017 Band 8.0+ Sample Answers

100 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics In 2016 & 2017 Band 8.0+ Sample Answers

After finishing element one (commonly after 4-five minutes) the examiner will pass onto an element of the speak me test.

In component two the examiner gives the candidate a subject card and the candidate has one minute to prepare and make notes. After the only minute training time, the candidate is required to talk approximately the topic for among one and two mins (customarily you’re expected to speak for at least 1 minute 30 seconds—anything less than this and your “fluency” score can be reduced).

Candidates do no longer need to fear approximately ‘timing’ in component due to the fact the examiner will prevent the candidate when the clock hits two mins. The first-rate method in the component is to keep speak me till the examiner says stop. Candidates are certainly fearful in this a part of the test so it is not accurate to try and guess the time.

Ielts fantasy: the majority trust that in the talking take a look at, component one is perfect. Component two is extra difficult and element three is the maximum difficult section. In regards to overall performance, this isn’t always generally the case. Most candidates carry out pretty properly in parts one and 3 but the part 2 overall performance is usually the worst a part of the interview. The most important problem with component two is that ielts candidates focus on content. The general public is so busy looking to consider “what to mention” and forgetting about “language content material” in their speech. Consequently, in part, you should recognition on the following features of language:
At some point in a 2-minute talk, it is critical to apply linking phrases, linking terms and fillers (redundant language)
Unusual words and idioms will notably increase your “vocabulary” score. In component two try and locate words that are directly associated with your subject matter place. Don’t forget about to paraphrase.
Whatever you’re announcing in part two, say it with complex sentences and if vital use an expansion of tenses.

That will help you be nicely-prepared for the ielts speak me segment, we have compiled a protracted listing of one hundred component 2 subjects with sample solutions from cue card samples catergory on ieltsmaterial.Com.

For the modern-day part 1, 2, three topics & questions for the ielts checks in April & may additionally, 2017, you could get our ebook titled “ielts talking real checks & cautioned solutions (February – may 2017) now. Each topic on this 315-page ebook has band nine.Zero pattern solutions, a clean-to-comply with the definition of every word, phrase, collocation or idiom, and a similar instance of the way to use those topic phrases inside the speaking part of the check so you are prepared to apply the vocabulary in ielts talking.