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English Grammar Workbook (2020)

English Grammar Workbook

English | ASIN : B08GFSYHQN | 2020 | 236 Pages | PDF | 68 MB

This English Grammar Workbook Will Enable You to Make Your Way Through the Intricacies of the English Language and Achieve Grammar Greatness Within No Time.

Do you wish to sharpen your English grammar to be able to improve your communication?

English is a diverse language, and mastering, it could be a real challenge. But don’t worry because you need a little push in the right direction and practice to be able to communicate better.

Imagine always being clear, concise, and grammatically correct!

Imagine having a complete resource that can make you a perfect English speaker within no time?

Imagine being finally able to write fluently while crafting cover letters, emails, and personal messages?

This is where the English Grammar Workbook steps in!

You’re at the right place because this workbook is ideal for all levels to fulfill their desires and hone the craft of speaking and writing flawless English!

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner – there are always new things to learn about the English language.

The best way to improve your English is to get the basics right!

This is what this workbook is all about. It helps you get your basics right and empowers you with the right knowledge.

Every aspect of honing the English language is included in this book as it offers exercises that follow techniques that become a natural part of your thought process.

One Step at a Time

Why overwhelm yourself with complicated grammar books when you can take things one step at a time?

The ENGLISH GRAMMAR WORKBOOK takes you on a smooth journey where you go through the basics one by one.

It comes with 16 chapters that address the important components of the English language and uses techniques that fit the right structure in your subconscious.

The book teaches you everything there’s to know about PRONOUNS, VERBS, ADVERBS, ADJECTIVES, CONJUNCTIONS, CLAUSES, and more while you learn everything that’s in between!

Exercises with Examples

There’s no point in going through rules when you don’t practice! That’s why this one of a kind ENGLISH GRAMMAR WORKBOOK explains every rule while quoting relevant examples.

Plus, each section comes with exercises that help you train your brain muscles and flex them whenever needed.

An Overview:

? 15 essential components of English language
? Rules that govern each component
? Relevant examples for better understanding
? Exercises to help you retain the knowledge

And much more…