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Polynomials: Theory and Applications (2020)

Polynomials: Theory and Applications

English | PDF | 2020 | 154 Pages | ISBN : 3039433148 | 5.9 MB

The importance of polynomials in the interdisciplinary field of mathematics, engineering, and science is well known. Over the past several decades, research on polynomials has been conducted extensively in many disciplines.
This book is a collection of selected and refereed papers on the most recent results concerning polynomials in mathematics, science, and industry. There are so many topics related to polynomials that it is hard to list them all; some relevant topics include but are not limited to the following:
The modern umbral calculus
Orthogonal polynomials, matrix orthogonal polynomials, multiple orthogonal polynomials
Matrix and determinant approach to special polynomial sequences
Applications of special polynomial sequences
Number theory and special functions
Asymptotic methods in orthogonal polynomials
Fractional calculus and special functions
Symbolic computations and special functions
Applications of special functions to statistics, physical sciences, and engineering
We hope that this book is timely and will fill a gap in the literature on the theory of polynomials
and related fields. We also hope that it will promote further research and development in this
important area.
We also thank the authors for their creative contributions and the reviewers for their prompt and
careful reviews.