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Hybridized and Coupled Nanogenerators (2020)

Hybridized and Coupled Nanogenerators

English | ISBN: 3527346341 | 2020 | 382 Pages | PDF | 23 MB

A comprehensive guide to efficiently scavenge multi-energies from the surrounding environment to power some electronic devices and realize self-powered sensing!

With the advantages of high-integration level, low cost, and high-conversion efficiency, hybridized nanogenerators have many potential applications in multi-energy scavenging and sensor fields. This book offers a comprehensive review of the design, performance, and applications of hybridized and coupled nanogenerators. The author-a noted expert on the topic-explores the various new hybridized and multi-effects coupled nanogenerators.

The book examines the current approaches of improving electric generation performance and offers an introduction to the applications of hybridized nanogenerators in energy harvesting and sensing. This technology has proven to be highly applicable in multi-energy scavenging and self-powered sensor fields. This book includes:

Examines the potential applications of hybridized and coupled nanogenerators in multi-energy scavenging and sensor fields
Covers the principles of device design
Explores the most current approaches to improve performance
Reviews various multi-effects coupled nanogenerators and their potential applications
Written for materials scientists, engineering scientists, electronics engineers, bioengineers, sensor developers, and sensor industry professionals, This book is a guide to hybridized and coupled nanogenerators that achieve the maximum utilization of multi-type and stable energies.