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Windows 10 – The Complete Manual (2015)

Windows 10 - The Complete Manual

English | 2015 | ISBN: 9781785461781 | 132 Pages | PDF | 5.56 MB

Millions of people have already upgraded to Windows 10 and many more plan to soon. It has become the most popular version ever and the rush to install it continues. Praise for the new Windows is near universal and this is because it brings new features and fresh ways of working with your computer. It is brilliant on new computers and it breathes life into old ones. With Windows 10 on your computer it starts up quickly and resumes from sleep in seconds. It is designed to work with both new and existing software and hardware. In some ways it is familiar to anyone that has used Windows before, but it also has some great new features too. For example, there is a personal digital assistant in the form of Cortana and you can ask questions, issue commands, and get information. There are multiple desktops to aid working with lots of apps, a tablet mode for those with touch screens, a new Action Centre with all your notiications, and much more.