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How It Works Book of Mega Machines Issue (2014)

How It Works Book of Mega Machines Issue

English | 2014 | ISBN: 3598934688 | 164 Pages | PDF | 25 MB

A look inside some of the world’s most incredible machines Incredible cars and bikes – From the greatest cars on earth to the smallest motorbike Mega giants – Be amazed by these massive machines World’s fastest vehicles – Blink and you’ll miss these speedy numbers Extreme engineering – Marvels of scientific innovation that have changed their industries Also inside… – World’s biggest vehicles – Next-gen hypercars – Strangest custom cars – Most luxurious motorhome – Heaviest hauler – Longest bus – Biggest helicopter – World land speed record – Fastest rollercoaster – Fastest racer on water – Round-the-world record breaker – Human powered flight – First flying hovercraft – Sneakiest spyplane – Most powerful rocket – Biggest spacecraft – Furthest travelling space probe – Awe-inspiring future vehicles



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