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BODY TALK (2017)


English | March 11, 2017 | ISBN: 1544286929 | 118 Pages | MOBI | 0.16 MB

Do you wish you could tell when someone is lying, or if that cute member of the attractive sex likes you? What about being able to read anyone’s emotions without them saying a single word?Learning to listen to BODY TALK is an essential skill that you need right now!Studies have shown time and time again that the majority of communication we send out to other people, whether intentionally or not, is non-verbal and doesn’t depend on the words we speak. If you’re not up to par in how to interpret everyday body language signals, that means you’re missing a majority of the communications that come your way.And if you aren’t aware of your own body language, then think of how you must come off to others – probably not even close to what you want! If you’ve ever heard someone tell you “Oh… that’s not what I thought you meant…” you need this book!BODY TALK is a journey into exactly how you can read anyone based on almost any movement of any part of their body. And who better than a dating and social skills coach to teach you, someone who’s very livelihood depends on navigating constant ambiguous yellow lights! I’ve made it my business to study human interaction, and have broken down specific body parts as well as signs of attraction and lying… let’s face it, sometimes those two are the same!This is not just a generic book that just tells you that someone is lying if they are avoiding eye contact – hint: that isn’t even accurate! There’s nothing abstract or theoretical – everything in this book is highly practical and actionable.Here’s what you’ll learn inside:
How the chest is the key to how comfortable someone is feeling.
What male and female flirting body language has in common.
Exactly why context is so important in body language.
The physiological basis of the body language of liars.What else?
How body language differs across the world.
What a microexpression is and exactly what it means.
How your tone of voice conveys more than the words that are spoken.If you only read one book on body language, it must be this one – you’ll get actionable, practical, everyday knowledge that will help you tomorrow.You’ll be able to size someone up and instantly know if they are trying to lie to you. You’ll have a good idea if that cutie likes you and you’re safe to make a move. You’ll be able to deduce anyone’s emotional state just by looking at them. You will become a highly effective communicator which will benefit your relationships and career instantly.Don’t hesitate to pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!P.S. Become a virtual mindreader in hours!