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Simplify: How to Stay Sane in a World Going Mad (2020)

Simplify: How to Stay Sane in a World Going Mad

English | March 10th, 2020 | ISBN: 1786783355 | 217 Pages | EPUB | 6.47 MB

Short, simple and refreshingly practical, Living Simply offers 21 Earth Warrior practices to help us live more consciously and to cope with the ever increasing pace of modern life. Bob Hillary shares the lessons he learned living off the grid, exploring his ‘wild edges’ and practicing a slower, more attuned way of life.

How can we live more simply, learn to appreciate what we have and root our way of being in the Earth we have inherited?

By living simply and becoming an Earth Warrior.

As life keeps urging us to go faster, many of us are moving in the opposite direction… we are looking for SLOWNESS, for stillness, to live more natural, less complex lives.

Bob Hillary spent a year living off grid, this experience taught him how to live simply. It meant; downscaling, re-wilding, un-teching and finding and doing things that are free. These philosophies provided a framework for the 21 practices he shares in this book. Each one covers the key idea, contains exercises and provides practical ways that will help you become an Earth Warrior. By living this way you will learn how to live in a more joyful, positive, simple and meaningfully way.

Earth Warriors give, share and care.

This is a manual for modern times, a guide to creating positive action, walking the right path and making the right choices