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Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles (2020)

Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles

English | EPUB | 2020 | 175 Pages | ISBN : 3030267059 | 19.08 MB

This book describes the fundamentals and applications of wireless power transfer (WPT) in electric vehicles (EVs). Wireless power transfer (WPT) is a technology that allows devices to be powered without having to be connected to the electrical grid by a cable. Electric vehicles can greatly benefit from WPT, as it does away with the need for users to manually recharge the vehicles’ batteries, leading to safer charging operations.
Some wireless chargers are available already, and research is underway to develop even more efficient and practical chargers for EVs. This book brings readers up to date on the state-of-the-art worldwide. In particular, it provides: The fundamental principles of WPT for the wireless charging of electric vehicles (car, bicycles and drones), including compensation topologies, bi-directionality and coil topologies. Information on international standards for EV wireless charging. Design procedures for EV wireless chargers, including software files to help readers test their own designs. Guidelines on the components and materials for EV wireless chargers. Review and analysis of the main control algorithms applied to EV wireless chargers. Review and analysis of commercial EV wireless charger products coming to the market and the main research projects on this topic being carried out worldwide. The book provides essential practical guidance on how to design wireless chargers for electric vehicles, and supplies MATLAB files that demonstrate the complexities of WPT technology, and which can help readers design their own chargers.



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