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Panzers in the East Decline and Defeat, 1943-1945 (1998)

Panzers in the East Decline and Defeat, 1943-1945

English | March 31, 1998 | ISBN: 962361621X | 72 Pages | PDF | 31 MB

72 pages, 171 photos and 16 color plates. Bound to be another big hit, this late war German armor book is again loaded with many never-before-published photos, like the rest of this popular series. Robert Michulec went through many East European archives and private collections to gather photos for this book. The artwork of A. Wrobel is well illustrated in the 16 color plates enclosed. A Polish artist, Wrobel is one of the premier artists in armor profiles. This book picks up where volume 1 finishes, that is, right after the Battle of Kurak. Operation Zitadelle marked the end of the German major offensives on the Eastern Front, and saw the German armies on full-scale retreat. This book follows the Panzers as they fought their way during their retreat towards the west. Not too many photos were taken on the German armies from late 1943 onward, so the 171 late war photos in this book are valuable to modelers and historians alike. 1943 saw the Germans introduced many new armored fighting vehicles to the battleground, and this book includes photos of many such different vehicles in its pages.



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