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Leadership 101 (2010)

Leadership 101

English | 2010 | 250 Pages | ISBN: 0826111343 | PDF | 1 MB

What are the personality, motivational, and intellectual traits of good (and bad) leaders? How do effective leaders behave and what kinds of people follow them? How is leadership influenced by gender, cultural differences, and social networks? Michael Mumford will provide answers to these questions, and more. Michael Mumford, one of the leading researchers on leadership and organisational behaviour, discusses the predominant topics and approaches to studying leadership research, including a review of research on leader traits and behaviours, follower and situational influences on leadership, the way in which leaders think, and outstanding leadership. Embedded in each chapter is hands-on guidance for improving and developing the reader’s own leadership skills. This title includes a short, non-technical introduction suitable for any reader and an introduction to the history of leadership, key definitions, assumptions, theories and methods of study. It examines emergent topics in the field. It offers topical applications for improving and developing leadership.



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