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Falling in Love Again (2013)

Falling in Love Again

English | May 1, 2013 | ISBN: 1484865553 | 34 Pages | EPUB | 0.24 MB

Do you feel like your relationship has lost a step because the two of you have been together for so long that you know your partner’s next step, move or phrase? If so, it is time to reintroduce yourselves to each other so you can fall in love all over again, like teenagers in June. It is time to re-learn all of the wonderful things you knew about maintaining a healthy relationship before the years started to pass you both by. This helpful and candid eBook will guide you through the rough terrain of actually making time for your partner, instead of excuses for staying the course you are currently on. “Falling in Love again” gives practical tips and helps you to find answers. – How to create a running dialogue with the person you love? – How to date all over again? – How to communicate on a loving, respectful level? – How to maintain your relationship’s ‘in love’ capacity? “Falling in love again” also gives you: – The nuts & bolts of falling in love again; – Simple tips to break bad habits; – Conversation starters; – Awesome ideas for a date with your partner. “Falling in Love Again” is the perfect guide to help you develop a strategy for reigniting the spark in your marriage effortlessly. Buy it now and start renewing the passion in your relationship TODAY!