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Mindful Pregnancy (2020)

Mindful Pregnancy

English | April 14th, 2020 | ISBN: 1465490442 | 224 Pages | True PDF | 18.72 MB

Are you a yoga-loving, mindful mother-to-be looking for sound advice on how to enjoy a natural, stress-free pregnancy? If so, Mindful Pregnancy is your go-to guide.

Organized trimester by trimester, this book offers safe yoga, meditation, natural remedies, nutritional, and hypnobirthing advice and techniques to match your stage of pregnancy and the development of your baby. Encouraging, practical advice will help you embrace change, understand your body, relish your pregnancy, and prepare for becoming a mother.

Troubleshoot pregnancy aches and pains with appropriate exercises, quell morning sickness with natural remedies and food, bond with your baby through meditation and movement, and prepare your body and mind safely and healthily for childbirth using strengthening exercises and hypnobirthing techniques.

Feel empowered to deliver your baby with strength and confidence. After the birth, continue to use these natural techniques and resources in the first few weeks as you recover, bond with your baby, and embrace life as a new mother. The book supports and guides you as you take the lead from your own body and intuition during pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy is not an illness. It is the most natural thing in the world-so enjoy it throughout, naturally.

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