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Daily Life in Renaissance Italy, Second Edition (2019)

Daily Life in Renaissance Italy, Second Edition

by Elizabeth S. Cohen and Thomas V. Cohen
English | 2019 | ISBN: 1440856923 | 372 Pages | PDF | 7.12 MB

A clear, lively, and deeply informed survey of life in Renaissance Italy for students and general readers, this book presents a thoughtful cultural and social anthropology of practices, values, and negotiations.

Lively and reader-friendly, this second edition of Daily Life in Renaissance Italy provides a colorful and accurate sense of how it felt to inhabit the Renaissance Italian world (1400-1600). In clearly written chapters, the book moves from Renaissance Italy’s geography to its society, and then to family. It also looks at hierarchies, moralities, devices for keeping social order, media and communications and the arts, space, time, the life cycle, material culture, health, and illness, and finishes with work and play.

This new edition is especially alert to the rich connections between Italy and the rest of Europe, and with Africa and Asia. The book synthesizes a great deal of recent scholarship on social and material history, paying additional attention to the arts and religion. Readers are given an inside view of people from every social class, elite and ordinary, men and women. Written for students of all levels, from secondary school up, it is also an accessible introduction for travelers to Italy.

Brings the Italian Renaissance to contemporary readers.
Demonstrates in-depth research in content that includes archival sources
Includes images to visually support the chapters and bring the text to life
Presents reader-friendly prose that is both clear and highly polished