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Sounds English A Pronunciation Practice Book +Audio

Sounds English A Pronunciation Practice Book +Audio

1989 | English | ASIN: B01N2GGELZ | 127 Page | PDF + Audio |
Synopsis: In this pronunciation course for intermediate students of English, each unit provides intensive practice in stress and intonation of particular sound contrasts. Designed for students working alone as well as for classroom use it provides an intonation list and language chart to help students work out their particular area of difficulty and plan their programme. The intonation list explains key intonation patterns of English, and shows where they are practises. The language chart – for 15 languages – shows which English sound contrasts are difficult for speakers of each language. An introductory unit with notes facing the exercises explains how the tasks are organized. All 31 units can be used independently of each other and in any order. Numbered and graded tasks in each unit lead students from simple contrasts eg too/do to intensive practice in the stress and intonation of the particular sound contrasts in relation to connected material found in real life. The book aims to integrate the practice of intonation patterns with sounds and to use realistic texts and conversations for the practice material. A spelling box in each unit shows how the sounds can be spelled and a key to the listening tasks is included at the back of the book.